oconnor“My husband and I sold our house last June after 19 years. We raised our four children there and enjoyed three dogs that meant the world to our kids. We wanted a sentimental reminder of all our happy times in our home and Kathleen gave us just that. She created a beautiful, detailed portrait of our home from her own photographs of it as well as photos that we gave her detailing our dogs and the mailbox that my Dad painted for us with love. It was very important for me to have the mailbox included and Kathleen was able to recreate it perfectly. All three of our dogs (two have passed) are together on the front lawn and look like the best of friends which we’re sure they would have been if we had owned them at the same time. The memories that Kathleen’s portrait gives us each time we look at it are priceless. To have a house portrait done by Kathleen is something very special that you can give to yourself/yourselves and your family.”  Charlie & Maureen


“Every time I look at our house portrait, I can’t help but smile. Not only is our home so beautifully and realistically captured — with the sun shining and our gardens blooming — but my children too are blooming and blossoming! Kathleen was able to capture my four boys’ personalities and mannerisms perfectly in the portrait. Our boys are growing so quickly, and not only do I have a wonderful representation of my home, but also a fantastic memory of what my kids looked and acted like many years ago. I’m so glad we included my kids in the portrait — it makes it so much more than a house portrait, but a true snapshot and lovely, meaningful memory of our lives and our family.”  Tara


pg1_CelebrationFlorida-day “Hi Kathleen, I wanted to let you know that your Celebration paintings and notecards are greatly admired by my Celebration clients. It’s such a pleasure to present my buyers and sellers with one of your watercolors. Your painting technique is “right on” with the unique style of the town and the quality of papers you use for your notecards provides me with an elegant gift to present as a thank you to my clients.” Janice White, Realtor. Century 21 Blue Sky Realty Group, Celebration, Florida.


blue-home-blue-door“We wanted to show our appreciation and a watercolor house portrait was the perfect unique thank you gift!”  Courtney & Will

“We were thrilled to receive our house portrait as a gift. Having seen some of Kathleen’s other work before, we knew how amazingly talented she was. Still, until you see your house’s portrait hanging on the wall, you can’t appreciate her talents to the fullest degree. We have never thought our house looked more beautiful than in Kathleen’s house portrait.”   Sarah & Brad


“When my parents celebrated their 50th anniversary, my 4 brothers and I gave them a beautiful “Kathleen McNally” original watercolor of our summer house and gardens in Maine. Our parents were  so touched by this lovely gift. It was not just a picture of a house, but a striking portrait of the gathering place for 4 generations of our family; a memento of many happy summers spent in a well-loved cottage by the sea. My parents have passed away now and Kathleen’s painting still holds its place as a lasting memory of them.”   Marion


yellow-house“The best closing gifts I have ever given and continue to do so are the beautiful home paintings by Kathleen McNally. What’s even better is that Kathleen will add some special feature if you want her to, such as painting in two little, beloved cocker spaniels near the family room windows. These paintings continue to warm the hearts of the homeowners who have lived there for many years and who have brought up their children there as well. There have been tears shed after opening these gifts. It’s the best gift you could ever give: memories.”   Karen Neve, Real Estate Broker, RE/MAX On The River, Middleton, Massachusetts.


McNally-Homes-elevation“I am the Marketing Director for a busy construction company in Central Florida. Most of our projects are one-of-a-kind custom homes, and It is not unusual for us to send Kathleen a sterile front elevation view of a home and ask her to turn it into a warmer, house portrait style watercolor – with shadows and landscaping. This helps our clients to better visualize the beauty of their future home, and allows us the opportunity to give them the gift of a beautiful Kathleen McNally framed watercolor print. Kathleen has really helped us communicate with our clients and is extremely valuable in the design process. We have used her lovely works of art in our brochures and marketing flyers. In fact, when an article about our company was featured in Orlando Magazine, Kathleen’s artwork was chosen to grace the cover.”  Elaine McBride, McNally Construction Group, Inc. Windermere, Florida.

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