Instructions for House Portrait Photos

Please Note:

One-Step Watercolors – Send 1-3 photos.

Deluxe House Portraits – Feel free to send additional detail photos of doors, landscaping (I can always make plants ‘bloom’), architectural details, lamps, flowerpots, etc. Remember to consider kids & pets.


  • Consider the following if you need to find photos or take photos–it’s as easy as aiming your camera, iPad or phone! I will need high-resolution photos.
  • Stand back to compose the house as you want it to appear in your House Portrait. When choosing an angle, try to minimize garage doors & include front & side doors.
  • Remember I can eliminate telephone poles, move trees, trim hedges…just take any detail photos I’ll need.
  • Hold your camera as horizontal as possible.
  • A sunny day is nice as I’ll see shadows your house creates, but often a cloudy day is better as it allows you to get more detail in the photo. Just don’t point your camera into the sun!
  • I’ve been doing this for years, so feel free to give me a call & we can figure this out together!




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